The bane of many small businesses and nonprofit organizations is the mundane bookkeeping work, obscure reporting requirements, and the process of evaluating choices that accompany ongoing operations.

We have been involved in organizations where the daily grind of entering numbers in an accounting system, billing clients and constituents, collecting outstanding receivables, calculating payroll and benefits, or the timely, regular cutting of checks to suppliers are among the least favorite task of the owner / leader.  Not properly attending to theses details can result in a loss of income, unhappy employees, extra expenses, and a rush to get complete information to the accountants on time.

Often, due to limited time and background, decisions about insurance, employee benefits, and infrastructure are made on other than optimum factors.

Over the past years, as administrators for a number of medium and small businesses and nonprofits, we regularly saw the need for services that the organization was not equipped to perform in-house.

It is our mission to insure that these, often repetitive, tasks get accomplished in an efficient and proper manner and that the variety of choices that manager needs to make, are presented in an easy-to-understand, objective, and complete format.

We hope that the menu of services that we present is something that may help you reach your goals.

Mike and Arlene Shapiro