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Satisfying organizational needs -

The organization's personnel should be free to concentrate on their primary mission
  • Your personnel need up to date and accurate calculations of earnings and benefits
  • Producing timely and accurate invoices and customer statements is a key to cash flow
  • The organization's specialists don't need to be exploring updates to infrastructure, insurance packages, or other systems.  You just want simple clear presentations of viable choices
  • No one wants to spend time filling out required governmental forms
  • Reconciling bank accounts, entering a/p and a/r in our accounting system, cutting vendor checks and processing payroll is a time-consuming task, that can be done by someone outside your immediate employee family
  • Dealing with vendors' staff can sometimes be an irritating part of doing business. 
We exist to alleviate the key members of the company or organization from spending unproductive time dealing with these and other important, non-mission involved tasks.

Bookkeeping -

  • Payroll, including direct deposit if desired
  • Accounts Payable, including entering bills and cutting checks
  • Accounts receivable, including billing and follow-up with "slow payers"
  • 1099 / W2 production
  • Coordination with your accountant for annual tax filings and audits (if required)
  • Monthly reconciliation of checking accounts
  • Monthly reports
  • Grant finance reports for start-ups and nonprofit organizations
Human Resources -
  • New Employee processing
  • Recommendations for benefits
  • Working with insurance brokers to craft health plans
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